MINET WP3 Interdisciplinary MtI Exchange of Knowledge

Welcome to the homepage of MINET WP3.

Coordinate, manage and support:

– development and exchange of advanced disciplinary/interdisciplinary knowledge and experiences in soft metrology

– measurement of multidimensional phenomena mediated by human interpretation and/or perception for measuring properties such as comfort, naturalness, perceived quality, feelings, body language and consciousness

– encourage creativity, complementarities and interdisciplinarity

Repository of schools, approaches, literature and methodologies used in Measuring the Impossible activities

Tightly-knit fora:



  • Biometris (NL): G.W.A.M. van der Heijden & H. van der Voet
  • DIMEC, Dept. of Mechanics and Machine Design, University of Genova  (IT): G. B. Rossi & F. Crenna
  • Gösta Ekman Laboratory, Stockholm University & Karolinska Institute (SE) (MINET coordinator): B. Berglund & A. Höglund
  • Helsinki School of Economics (FI): N. Ravaja & K. Kallinen
  • Laboratorio di Scienze della Cittadinanza (IT): A. Cancedda
  • SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SE): R. Emardson & L. R. Pendrill
  • University of Ljubljana (SLO): J. Drnovsek and G. Gersak


EU project MINET

Measuring the Impossible Network [FP6-NEST-MtI-project-043297]


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